Gst - export invoice - foreign currency

H Krishna (Others) (23 Points)

23 May 2018  


I work for a foreign client and send invoices to them in USD and in Euros. I have applied for LUT in GST portal. So, I hope , I don't need to pay IGST and apply for refund later. 

My questions are,

1. while filing monthly return (GSTR3B), what value should be put as Taxable value?

should I convert that to Indian Rupees based on current exchnage rates?

If I need to specify the foriegn currency amount , not sure how to put multiple currency values ( ex. 500 USD in one Invoice and 200 Euros in another invoice)

2. If I need to convert to Indian rupees,  based on current exchange rates, there would be a difference when I actually get the payment,  after 1 month,due to changes in forex rates. How to handle this?

I appreciate your time and help.