Group Study for PCC/IPCC May 2011 Attempt

CS LLB Pulkit Gupta (   (16631 Points)

12 February 2011  


Ok friends just 2.5 months left for our May attempt. Feeling Nervous ??


What a stupid question I am asking from you!! . Don't worry there are lots of us who will appear for May attempt so why don't we combine and fight together for this attempt.   


We can easily do it by forming a study group. 


This was Madhavi's idea first to start studying here for IPCC/PCC exams which was well supported by Resham...

I didn’t find the need to create a new community for this...

We'll be studying for this in our Community LEARN ALONG WITH FUN


Yes learn and when you have completed the days work or are tired... once a day you can enter the antakshari section and add a couple of songs....( subject to max 2) that is fun...


This is the link  to our community



Many have joined this study group including... Madhavi, Resham,  Hardik, Saurav, Tina, Bhavin, Tanmayee, Vamshi, Saritha, Santoshi, Bhavin,Arjun, Dinesh etc.....

All of you can join this study group for your maximum benefit.... ( read

Ravi sir’s article for knowing importance of study groups)


Link to Ravi's Sir article on study groups



As a start-up we have started 4 subjects section :- 


Tax, IT and Auditing on our community &


SM on Bhavesh's Sir community



I know its difficult to achieve but study as if we have exams tomorrow and you have to complete that much...


So friends you can also start groups for other subjects of PCC/IPCC on our community. There is no one who will be leading the group. All will be the leaders and members at the same time. But follow the schedule strictly.


I am pasting the schedule of all d 4 subjects in the next thread and also link to study groups...

Pls participate for your sake only. We will discuss imp. concepts, scanner questions and many more ...