Go ahead.

Charu Srivastava (Company Secretary) (4210 Points)

23 December 2011  

Today i am going to share my self composed poem almost  10 years back when i was in 7th standard with the CCI members.It was printed once printed in my Annual Report of the School and then it was never shared by me with anyone.

Seeing the Inspirational post of fellow CCI has motivated me to contribute something on this front.So here i go...

Go ahead

When u believe in yourself

Dont care about anyone else

If u think you are right

Then go a head and follow your might.


If you are perfectly sure that you are not doing any wrong

Even its not harming anyones right

Then go ahead and follow your guide


If you are confident that you will make it up

And can let the raising voice to shut

Then go ahead and make your future bright


If you believe in truth

And can fight against the wrong

Then go ahead and fight for it till long


If you believe in your goal

And have guts to go alone

Pack your sachel and move ahead.

Because you are one who can make difference.