Game of Intellect

Vinod (Assistant Audit Officer)   (1675 Points)

06 June 2008  

Hey guys,

I have felt that CAclubindia is a platform for intellectuals to share and gain some extra knowledge. 

In continuation of this very theme, let me have the honour of starting a game. 

Coz I love Antakshari, I've thought to make rule like that only.

1. Each participant will explain a term related to Finance/Accounts etc. 

2. The term explained should start with the first letter as the participant's name. (First time only)

3. Every subsequent participant shall explain a term which has the first letter as the last letter of previous      participants' name.

4. No person shal post twice in continuation. However, no restriction on number of entries. You may participate several times, but not in continuation.

5. I hope u'll participate to a great extent.

6. There is no one who can administer all these rules. So we've to abide by them. Self-regulation is best.

Here it goes: