Fund transfer from foreign to non nri account

Mallaya (Project Manager) (30 Points)

01 May 2013  

Dear Experts,

I am working in Saudi, I took home loan in indian private bank and the EMI is getting debitted from my Normal Savings Account in india.

I have opened a NRE savings account in HSBC Bank in Chennai.

Now I want to transfer my tax free money from saudi to my India bank account.

Just wanted to know, If I transfer to my India Normal savings account, Is it taxable.

In case if I transfer to my NRE savings account and then from NRE savings account If I transfer to Normal Savings account is it taxable.

Ideally I should change my EMI to my NRE savings account, but due to tidious procedures I could not do it immediately.

But as a NRI, how can i get rid of these issues.


Expecting your valuable advices.