Forieng company definition

vijay (CA) (158 Points)

17 April 2018  

My company is basically a US based company and its back office is at noida. Also the company has open its indian concern in private limited form. Now the question arise here that is the Indian company will be agent for us company because there is no shareholder or ownership linked in indian concern. different director , a friend here in india is appointed in management and no other transactions. only expense reimbursement done by us company for the work done here. Further the back office do data entries , salaries for employees work for us company paid by here in indian co., and in turn foriegn account transfer amount to indian bank account. Please advise me the status of both company.

is the US company is a foriegn company if its back office operation are performed here, can not say exactly because the back office is operated by Indian company.

Secondly is indian company is agent of foreign company because indirectly functions are performed on behalf of the US based company and in turn invoices are raised to foriegn company for funding in indian account.