Forgot to sign the answer sheet

Prasanna (None) (37 Points)

12 May 2015  

Hello, My name is Prasanna Shete I am appearing for IPC Group - II. Today I gave my advanced accounts paper on 12/05/2015. After submitting the paper while heading back home I realised I forgot to sign on my answer sheet. The supervisor too didn't check the sheet and accepted it. I rushed back to my center but they told me that the answer sheets are already couriered to the main branch and there is nothing they can do. 
I have no idea what I am supposed to do now, will my paper be checked and accepted ? OR will it be rejected and I will be shown as absent on that day ? 
Is there any possible way to avoid any further misguidance and rectify my stupid error. 

P.S. :- I know I have done a very silly but huge mistake, I was so busy solving the paper I forgot to fill all the details precisely. 
Kindly suugest the way to help me get out of this mess and concentrate on my next paper.