Foreign Exchange Conversion Rates - TT Buying/ Selling

Amit (Service) (457 Points)

01 August 2008  

Dear All,

As a year end adjustment which conversion rates should be used for following items.

01. Open advances ( as on 31.03.2008 ) to foreign vendors

02. Open advances ( as on 31.03.2008 ) from foreign customers

Im confused with TT Buying / selling rates............ Can anybody elaborate me on the usage of these rates.

If our company paid advance of US$ 5,000=00 in the mid of march 2008 @ Rs. 42.50............ If I want to calculate exchange rate difference as on 31-march-2008 on that transaction which rate ( TT BUYING OR SELLING ) shouls be used ? For example if it Rs. 43.00 ( per USD ) ..... what will it denotes ? Exchange Rate Flactuation Gain or Loss ?

 Thanks and Best Regards