For mah ca mates

CA RAHUL AGRAWAL (Assistant Manager-Service Tax)   (1733 Points)

05 February 2013  

This message is dedicated to all ma brave hearted CA Mates!!!


We are the ones who risk our future and life in a course in which the success rate is not more than 15-20 %!!!


We are the ones who strive ourselves for three years Under a CA forinternship with a mere 1500 as our stipend and do all work for him!!!


We are the one who assess financial risk for the firms!!


We are the ones who handle the financial burden in the country!!


We are the ones who choose these profession whoose other aspect is confidentiality-!!


Like a doctor says that i have choosen a unique profession of saving lives, asoilder says i have taken of protecting you country men!!


The same guys we are Unique we have taken up the profession in which wework hard spend sleepless nights!!


Making strategies and calculating just for what!! Just for the income of other people!! We enable them to have his savings!!


We do audit so that the quality remains controlled and everything remains as it should be yet this ridiculous world compare our result to that with the one of other courses!!!


Guys we face the result bravely which we know that at max 30 out of our Friends will Pass!!!


And again we read that same stuff for 3 months and Give Exam, We Face these more bravely then a soldier, wi also face the wrath of Society!!


So My Friends Hats off to you all and I am happy to have such colleagues beside me!!


And all The best for result 2day, It's again a day Which will be filled with Happiness and sadness. At the end of this day let's assure each othe whatever will be the result we will not breakdown!! Coz aaj ya kal, 1 din to Hame banna hi hai C.A.!!