For beautiful life

pratik (CA) (1186 Points)

10 January 2011  

1. Relationships (Caring and Sharing):- The most important aspect of a person’s life is ones family. Caring and sharing genuinely for our family in bad times as well as good is one of the important rules for being happy.


2. Being Positive: - Having a positive attitude in the most a difficult and turbulent time is one way of testing our will power and determination. Setting goals and constantly persevering to reach our aims and ambitions is also a golden rule for making us happy.


3. Love everyone unconditionally: - ‘Love makes the world go round’. It is true when there is love and emotional warmth and bonding in a family it gives us a feeling of security. 


4. Just be yourself: - We humans often have two faces one for the public and the other for our family. The face that we have for our family is the one that is real because our family members know us, our failures and disappointments. It is more important to be ourselves

and enjoy and take things in a relaxed manner by listening to music, reading a book or quiet family dinners.


5. Eat Healthy, Exercise and Diet: - It is very important to remember that to be happy one should eat healthy, exercise regularly and also follow a proper diet. There are many mood and energy foods in the market. Finding the right balance will keep us fit and healthy.


6. Hard Work and Perseverance: - It is very important for people to remain grounded. Hard work never harmed anybody. It is hard work and constant perseverance in life that keep us challenged which in turn keeps us mentally alert to look for opportunities for our personal growth which makes us happy. 


7. Develop a constructive hobby: - Many people in this world have become so busy that they have forgotten what gives them true happiness. It is never too late to start. Pick up a hobby that keeps you busy for many hours and you end up feeling satisfied and happy