Failure is the first step to success

CA Sanjay Assudani (Assistant Manager - Risk management and Internal Audit)   (280 Points)

18 January 2016  

"I failed my exam in some subjects and my freinds passed. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and Iam the Owner." - Bill Gates

I have heard most of the students saying that "CA is not my cup of tea" if they cannot clear it in 1 or 2 attempts.  Because of this dis-appointment they get demotivated and ultimately quit CA.

Remember, If you have guts to choose CA profession and you have already reached to CA final level, it simply means that no-one can stop you to become CA.
If you are facing failure in CA exams then it is not because you are not intelligent. It is just that you need to develop a strategy or you need to think differently.
Before starting studies - Talk to yourself, give time to yourself and don't feel pressurized. Guyz, we need self motivation to clear any exams. It is not necessary to study 18 - 20 hours to clear CA or to read 10 books of one subject.
When you will analyze yourself, you will come to know that it's really not that much difficult. Analyze your mistakes in past exams and work out the way to improve those mistakes.
At last, I would say that it is not your destiny or luck which is hindering your success. Your success is completely depend upon your thinking, your hard work, self motivation, your strategies, your sacrifices and your environment.

So All the best to my CA freinds who cannot clear CA exams this time.
And, Congratulations  to all those who made it. God bless us all :)


CA Sanjay Assudani