Exemption rule for icsi -aptech computer course

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02 December 2011  

Exemption Rule for ICSI -APTECH Computer course


As per the training guidelines of ICSI --- A student shall be exempted from undergoing the ICSI -APTECH Computer course if he / she fulfill the following criteria’s:


  1. He / She has successfully completed one or more computer course(s) from any Institution and


2.   He / She enroll himself / herself for an online exemption test (to be conducted by APTECH) at any of the APTECH Center on all India basis and successfully clears the test.




As per the recent changes in the policy of the Institute, the online exemption test will be conducted by M/s Sify for which the registration will open w.e.f. 19th November 2011. The students may register themselves online for the exemption test in SIFY and find more details regarding the test through icsi-sify portal i.e. https://icsi.sifyitest.com.        M/s Aptech will also continue to conduct online exemption test in pareller till 31st of January 2012 and from 1st February 2012 M/s Sify will be the sole testing authority for the ICSI.