Excess leave

Jaya (19 Points)

10 May 2007  
Hello everyone,

I have completed my articleship in 1999 but my principal gave me the 108 with excess leave of 68 days.
Afterthat I have attempted Final (1st group) twice in 2000 Nov & 2002 May.  
Now I want to appear in May 2007, but when I saw the application form, I'm confused with the eligibility criteria.  It says that either:
condn. a - I have to have completed 3 years including excess leave  
condn. b - I should be serving under an auditor for the remaining period (excess leave) and should have got the signature from the Auditor.
At the same time there is a warning message in teh appln. form that itis better for the students to re-register for the remaining period before 30th Apr 07.
I'm currently staying in UAE and I've planned to take up my excess leave articles when I go to India this July'07.  
also the exam fees is very high (300 US$), hence I do not want to take a risk of sending in the application form.
Please advice as to what I can do now, whether I'm eligible to sit for the exam and submit the re-registration later.
Thanks, Jaya