Excerpts of minutes and certified copy of resolution

ars (CS) (445 Points)

12 March 2012  

excerpts of minutes and certified copy of resolution are interchangeably used by the fellow C.S. while giving away a copy of the minutes to the outsider.

queston is what  you mean by each of them.

Excerpt : means a short piece of writing taken from the longer piece. that is a portion of the minutes has been taken from the whole minutes. this means that an excerpt of minutes can be done only after the minutes are written or prepared and signed by the chairmam as required in the act.

certified copy : means an official statement (of the resolution) or a document has been given as true copy of the original signed by the person authorised - as a true and certified copy.

The questions

1.  why both the terms are used interchangeably and when to use excerpts and certified copy ?

2. If the board has passed the resolution, but the minutes are not prepared and or not signed. meanwhile, a copy of the resolution is to be given out - what copy would it be- a certifed one ?

3. what is the appropriate time - with reference to preparation and signing of minutes- to use the word excertps and certified copy.