Excel MPV's



1. Tushar Mehta http://www.tushar-mehta.com/

One of my most favourite Excel MVPs, Tushar Mehta in addition to Excel, consults in Computer Science, Economic Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, Operations Research, Technology Management, and Finance. His web-site offers extensive Excel samples and solutions, Excel and VBA case studies and Excel tutorials.

2. Chip Pearson http://www.cpearson.com/

A professional Excel developer, Chip Pearson has been an Excel MVP for 8 years from 1999-2006. He creates workbooks and add-ins for clients worldwide, primarily in the financial industry. His website offers extensive information and advice about Excel. His website has over 150 of pages devoted to specific Excel topics, hundreds of example formulas, and much more.

3. David McRitchie http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/excel/excel.htm

Offers more than 200 web pages (yes, that’s right ! !) about using Excel macro solutions as building blocks. He includes usage notes to help users work with Excel spreadsheets. He also discusses worksheet formulas, conditional formatting, event macros, Excel newsgroups, response-time considerations, VBA macros, backup and recovery, color palettes, generating HTML, lists of functions and subroutines, shortcuts, menus/toolbars, etc.

4. Rob Bovey http://www.appspro.com/

Rob was one of the early Excel gurus who has been an Excel MVP since 1995. He specialises in financial, accounting, and Executive Information Systems, using Microsoft Office, Visual Basic, and SQL Server. In addition to tips, his website offers his widely-used (and free !) utilities. In addition to this, his site provides tips categorised into workbook tips, VBA tips and networking tips.

5. Bill Jelen http://www.mrexcel.com/

Bill is the author of around eight books about Excel, and he’s a regular guest on TechTV’s Call for Help. He is the host of MrExcel.com, which is an entire community of Excel power users who are dedicated to helping you unleash the power of Excel with a knowledge base of over 188,000 Excel questions and answers ! !

6. Debra Dalgleish http://www.contextures.com/

Debra is a computer consultant in Ontario, Canada, serving local and international clients. You can find a wide variety of Excel tips and tutorials, and sample files, on her Contextures.com website.

7. Stephen Bullen http://www.oaltd.co.uk/

These days, he works for Barclays Capital in London, developing pricing, risk management, settlement and reporting tools for the trading floor. He’s also the owner of Office Automation Ltd., which specialises in application development using the Microsoft Office suite with a focus on Microsoft Excel.. His Office Automation (http://www.oaltd.co.uk/) site contains many examples of his work, including tools and utilities to extend Excel’s functionality, and many examples of Excel development techniques. Be sure to check out his "They said it couldn’t be done" link on his Excel web page.

8. Jan Karel Pieterse http://www.jkp-ads.com/


From his home in the Netherlands, Jan develops solutions using Microsoft Excel and Excel VBA. Here you will find articles on various interesting issues in Excel, neatly categorised and classified by topics.

9. Ron de Bruin http://www.rondebruin.nl/

Ron works for a company that grows chrysanthemums. Excel is his hobby. His website offers a variety of useful tips, primarily about Excel VBA. He also offers add-ins including SendMail, Google Search, EasyFilter, and DataRefiner. He lives in Monster, in the Netherlands. His Google Search Add-in that allows the user to search directly from within Excel, Word and PowerPoint, the Newsgroups, Websites and Knowledge Base is certainly worth a look.


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