Exam Blunder

CA Khushboo Agrawal (CA ) (1811 Points)

11 January 2011  




Hallo friends,


This is my 2nd article n I m here to discuss some blunder which usually students commit due to ignorance/negligence (aur jab marks kam aate hai to ICAI ko blame karte hai) let’s have a look


1.    TRY TO CONFUSE THE EXAMINER  - It is very horrible frnds. I saw some students, if they r unable to give right ans, then they start giving “GOLMOL” ans. Frnds let me clear our examiner r very high qualified professionals. So it is not possible to confuse them, n if u tries to confuse them they may irritate. Then they will try to cut yr marks as possible. So don’t irritate them.


2.  SELECTIVE STUDYFrnds CA is a top class practical   course. I saw many students asking for IMP chapters/Q/topics.

 Frnds abhi to aap IMP ke base par shayad pass ho jaye but in practical field u will not succeed. Pls prepare for all topics, aur vaise bhi CA me u can’t predict anything.

e.g. usually in pcc advance accounting, student think (on the basis of scanner)


       Partnership - 20 marks fix

      Amalgamations  - 16 marks fix


But in pcc may 10 –

          Partner. – 8 marks

           Amlagm.  0 marks

And electricity co ,p/l prior to incorp  came with max. marks, then students were complaining that paper was so hard.;(

 So always prepare 100%, why should we take risk?


3.    BEING PEN PUSHER  - It was my audit exam n I saw other students were taking2-3 additional ans sheet n writing EPIC. After the examination my best friend was very upset, she told me “yaar sab  3-3 copy bhare ja rahe the aur meri to 1st copy bhi puri nahi bhari”  n I replied her “tu bas unka result dekhna, jitni jyada copy bhare hai utna hi kam marks milenga” aur vahi hua.

                       Frnds it is not a competition “kaun likhega sabse jyada ”So write to the point ans.



 Whole year – party, fun, movies, Internet, mobile etc.;)

n exam time – reading all the night

Frnds this is ridiculous. U have 2 prepare from the beginnings. Reading all the night during exam may cause memory loss, b’coz brain got tired.


Frnds these r some blunder, which u should avoid.

        The right way to success is

Work hard

Work smart

Work regularly


PS- sorry for using chalu language:/


           Waiting for yr comments n suggestions.


Khushboo agrawal

(shaitani dimag);)