Eswar Reddy S

CA Aakarsh Jain (CA) (10216 Points)

04 May 2022  
Hi fellow friends.
I am just sharing with you about a fraudster among us. He is Eswar Reddy S. He is using his fake profiles in the name of Sai Kumar and Rakesh Koyyada to like his own comments to increase his points just to win Rs. 250 and 1000 vouchers. He is such a shame to whole CA fraternity and to our Ca Club India too. Just bcoz of professionals like him our whole CA community is loosing its value. Most of the times he gives useless advices just too. Its a request from all of you to kindly report his profiles and share it on social meadia platforms as much as possible so that one can learn that we will not tolerate such act in our CA fraternity.
Thanks Friends.