Epf applicability of national holiday wages

anil kumar (accountant) (59 Points)

24 October 2017  


      I am Anil Kumar Working as a HR manager in an organisation . My question is National Holiday wage is applicable in epf or not . One of the site i saw an answer the Fllowing.

"PF is always calculated on the basic wages and also on the provided D.A (Daily Allowance) & R.A (Retention Allowance) if any, therefore incase any staff fm yours company work on any national/festival holidays then his basic wages are not going to be diffrent what he/she earns in a regular month and you would only pay him double the rate of normal wages for that holiday work done by him and this would be considered as Overtime done by that concerned employee.......therefore no PF would be deducted on this overtime payment, however if that concerned employee is covered under ESI (Employees State Insurance) then you would be required to deduct ESI amount on the overtime payment made to him for the extra work performed on the fastival/national holiday."


Is it ture or not . If it is ture please send a supporting Notifications or any other documents