Eligibility of Bonus

Amit (Accounts ) (526 Points)

02 July 2022  

Good Morning All.

Mr X is working in Abc Proprietorship firm situated in Haryana (Manufacturing unit) His Total Salary is Rs.26000(Basic+HRA+Other allowances, No DA in added in salary slip), Mr A planing to leave the company in September(Total Working period 1 year). Firm is paying Bonus to his Employees on Diwali.

As per Bonus act Every Employee is entitled to get bonus every year if he works More than 30 days in calendar  year Salary is less then 21000.

Salary for Bonus calculation is Basic +DA <21000


My Qns.

1. Mr A is entitled to get Bonus as per law ?

2.If employer refused to give bonus what rights employee have in this case.