Download or ca final video lecture by an iit professor

CA Abhinav (Chartered Accountant) (496 Points)

20 December 2011  


I have compiled the OR videos of CA final Costing subject from various youtube video by an IIT professor. These videos cover full syllabus of OR Of CA final Costing subject.  I would suggest you to go through the study material once and note down the topic as it will help you while watching these video tutorial. These video are availble on youtube but I found it difficult in searching the previous video lecture or the next video lecture so I have complied it at one place. These video tutuorials are in plain english and IIT professor has explained the concepts in very neat way. Introduction_to_linear_programming.flv Lecture-10_Simplex-dual_variable_and_simplex_table.flv lecture-11_simplex_matrix_form.flv lecture-12_contd_Linear_programming-sensitivity_analysis_transportation_problem_first_part.flv lecture-13_transportation_part_2.flv lecture-14_Transportation_optimal_solution.flv lecture-15_Transportation_problem_others_part_3_(only_unbalanced_problem_to_be_seen).flv Lecture-16_Assignment_problem.flv lecture-33_Critical_Path_Method_Part_1.mp4 lecture-34_critical_path_method_part_2.flv lecture-5_simplex_minimization_problem.flv