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Dont you lack so (wake-up)

siddu (Chartered Accountant) (31 Points)

28 September 2011  


Hello Friends "Wake-up" is all about you guys. Being a fresher i want to share some personal experience on carrer that i faced in interviews.  So where i was lacking i want dont u lack at the sme points so WAKE-UP.

  •  The first look- We all know that the first impression is the last impression, but we never work on it.The look is the most importent key to grab the half job. We must equally work on our personality, our dressup, actully the way in which we carry ourself. So keep yourself clean, simple, welldressed that itself increse the confidence in your pesonality & most importent the body language "it is the way of answering and reacting by ur body" so sit properly without putting anything on table like phone, bag, even ur elbows, which actully distract u and the interviewer both.
  • Heart of the profile and Mind of the Company- First try to understand a detailed actual requirment of the profile and then little more about the company's working. This help in answering the questions by fitting in the examples of the company itself adding with the requirement of the profile.

  • Know more about yourself- Before knowing the company and profile, know your self first. Basically go through your entire cv by ur own. And make sure the point you have maintioned in the cv, you are comfertable to answer on that. Dont putup any thing fake which u can not be answered properly. Prepare yourself as u prepare before the exams but without taking any pressure.

  • Keep it simple silly- Try to make your answers simple and secure. It means give the answer as much required neither less nor more. And secure answer means that the interviewer doesnt get any chance to trap in ur own answers.

  • General Questions- 1st and the always "tell me something about your self"- the best way to answer this question keep ur cv in ur mind and in the same order tell them about ur self but they want to listen u atlest 2-3 minutes on this question so always give xtra lights on ur uniqueness and specialities.

  • Know more about your interviewer-  If possible get some information about the interviewer by asking to the HR or bye the social networking sites. It gives you extra comfert of answering the questions.

  • Its not the last job on the earth- Keep this attitude in the mind if you are rejected but keepon learning. Every interview have some uniqueness becoz of the their requirement so always keep analysing the reasons of rejections and work on that.

  • B +ve- Always keep a positive attitude about u, about ur last company, about the current company. Company does not want an employee, but they required a complete packege. So show them in you what ever they want.

  • Sell you- If u can sell ur qualities then you can definately get the job. so try so sell nd show urself why u r superior then the other condidates.


  • Accept it- If you dont know the answer then accept it rather to give some wrong and ugly answers," no one knows every thing" and take time to answer a complecated questions dont jumped up.


So keep on work on that and if you wanna share your personal experiences in an interview then plz update those. 

Thanks to all:)

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Replied 28 September 2011

thanks for sharing                      

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SANYAM ARORA (“It's hard to beat a person who never gives up.”)   (20158 Points)
Replied 28 September 2011

Thanks for sharing......!!!!!!!1

@ ! @


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sailaja (Accountant) (33 Points)
Replied 29 September 2011


Thanks for sharing

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