Don't quit let's new start

CA Prashant Gupta (DGM (F & A)) (14068 Points)

07 February 2013  

Don’t Quit let’s NEW START


I was reading Questions and forums. I saw many Questions, but one common Question these days-I failed in Exam, should I Quit.

Why Quit? If you quit today, whether you will be successful? This is the most common way to be a failure.

Mostly these students see that we need to spend more 6 months. But they don’t see how many years they have spent to come on this path. What about those years?

Can’t you forget previous failure and start again. The person who live in past, become history soon. No one has time to remember them. Life doesn’t stop for anyone. You need to do new thing. Then why can’t you just start the old pending work again.

There is very minor difference between Finish and a NEW START. If you decide to finish then you loose, but you can decide to start again from same position


You can’t change the past, but if you work hard you can definitely change the future.