Do we need to file MGT 14 for below mentioned resolution of First BM?

Varun Sharma (Proprietor-Sharma Varun & Co.)   (244 Points)

19 August 2016  


  1. Approval and adoption of Certificate of Incorporation.
  2. Appointment of Chairman of the meeting.
  3. Taking up registered office of the company.
  4. Adoption of common seal.
  5. Share allotment after payment.
  6. Approval on preliminary expenses.
  7. Authorisation of filling various E-Forms under Companies Act, 2013.
  8. Authorisation of person for safe custody of statutory records.
  9. Authorisation to sign routine documents.
  10. Appointment of first auditor of the company.
  11. Opening bank accounts of the company.
  12. First Director of Board.
  13. Authorisation under various authorities.
  14. Disclosure of Interest of Directors.
  15. Discuss any other business.