Do people really earn money form these sites

i was wondering do people really earn money online from sites like this .

link or

by watching advertisements on various sites.


I don't know about the above site if people earn money or not. But i am aware of earning money from different ways without any investment.



Yes, it's important to know about different ways of earning money and different business models. And you need to know that it depends on your nervous system. And to relax you need to plan your activity like a pro and use That is why I recommend a good approach.


Must check and conform first


Even if you can earn anything by watching ads on websites, the earnings will be way too small. I advise you to quit this idea of some mythical internet income and find a normal job. You can work as a driver, for example. This job pays well and can provide you a stable income to feed your family. If you use your own car, you will be paid even more, but in this case you need to take care of insurance and you can check the rates of multiple providers right now. This career path looks much plausible to me.



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