Dilemma on what to do next!

Abhishek Iyer (student) (28 Points)

22 April 2014  

I am facing a very awkward problem in life my friends. I have just completed my ipcc and I am now looking forward to do my articleship in bangalore, but the problem here is that my dad is forcing me to join the BIG 4's whereas i want to work in a medium sized firm considering my interests in music as I am very talented and that I am getting various opportunities to be succesful in music too. I am trying to hit a balance between the two but if I join a BIG 4 i am surely gonna lose out on my music career. I don't want my talent to go in vain nor do i want to compromise on my articleship. Please advice regarding this matter. Is working in a medium sized firm bad? Moreover i have compromised a lot in life and this is one thing that i dont want to let go(music). Please help me with your valuable comments and advice! Thank you!