Digital signature certificate for efiling

Arvindkumar G Shah (Partner) (25 Points)

17 June 2012  

For an Audit case, I had applied for Digital Signature Cert (DSC) in August 2011 with a 1 year validity.

Now, for A.Y 2012-13, I again tried to use the same D.S.C. . So I had installed Java Runtime Environment (JRE 32 bit) on my system successfully. After I logged into the I.T. filing website, I clicked on "Update Digital Certificate" under "My Account", but after I clicked on this, the upload button i.e. "Upload .pfx file" DID NOT appear. Instead I got "Error"

The error pertains to Java Plug-in Despite successfully installing JRE, am NOT ABLE to register D.S.C. i.e.

.pfx file.

Kindly assist