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01 August 2015  

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Everything is turning into digital these days, even if you are an analog person who still reads paper articles and listens to LP, it is a time that you have to take a step into a world where we handle A to Z in digital.

We used to post something on a paper board in order to share our information so people walking pass could see those information. But it was only limited to the people who were actually in front of the board. These days, we post information on social media such as facebook and twitter for even more people to share our information. It's also faster and more accurate in terms of delivering message. Not only that, we can make our business to be easily searched by search engines unlike the old days when we had to pay the yellow pages to post our ads.

It looks all good and sounds very efficient. But we should also consider the dark side of digital marketing. Going back to the story of our old days, even if it was a hassle for us to search for the information that we were looking for, we could find it in the end. We did not have to be confused by the overflow of unnecessary information and irritating ad banners because there weren't any. Since digital marketing is very fast and easily approachable, anyone can get an easy access to the web and disturb our work. It also affects our judgment on what's right or wrong. Due to the overflow of information in various media channels, we cannot have a pure social media space for our own and our friends because of people trying to break in to our territory wearing a digital marketing resource [] mask.
We make our own decision on which to follow and we cannot just hide from the mass wave of digital marketing resources. It is our job to figure out how to protect our privacy and information in this digital world.

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