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Looking for a book with lots of accounting entries ...

Waku39 (Sales man)     04 December 2020

Sales man 
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Can anyone recommend me such a book ?

That way i can practice a lot of accounting entries questions .


Please help :)

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prasad  Nilugal

prasad Nilugal (Sr . Accountant and GST Practitioner . )     05 December 2020

prasad Nilugal
Sr . Accountant and GST Practitioner .  
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All  the  accounting  entries in the books accounts were pass as per ,Accounting  golden  rules in double entry accounting system   for each  transactions  and  events  so you have apply following rules . (Accounting basics ) 

1)  Debit  the receiver  and  Credit  the giver  . 

2)  Debit what comes in  and credit what goes out .

3) Debit  the expenses and losses and  credit  the gains & Income . 

This is  best  way  to  practice , apply above rules whenever you are  passing  Accounting / journal entries . 




Pranay Murkute

Pranay Murkute   05 December 2020

Pranay Murkute

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@ Waku39 Practice journal entries from the book of accounts std 11th and 12th

Waku39 (Sales man)     05 December 2020

Sales man 
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@ prasad nilugal ,

Thanks for the reply .

My teachers taught me the american or modern rules of accounting

Let me try to share my notes i prepared .


Accounting is the art of recording a companies items , amount and parties in a transaction or in an accounting event

It starts with Entries ,then moves to

Accounting Equation
Adjustment entries
Trial balance
Profit and loss
Balance sheet
Cash flow statement
Fund flow statement

There are many categories of items that move in and out of a business

Create the records of of the Items of those category according to the rules of accounting , in my case the , american or modern rules of accounting .


Type of account                                              Increase                                        Decrease

There are items of assets ( cash )                    Debit                                            Credit
There are items of expense ( purchase )           Debit                                            Credit
There are items of income ( sales )                  Credit                                           Debit
There are items of capital                                Credit                                           Debit
There are items of liability                               Credit                                            Debit


Debits and Credits

The term debit indicates the left side of an account, and credit indicates the right side. They are commonly abbreviated as Dr. for debit and Cr. for credit. They do not mean increase or decrease, as is commonly thought. We use the terms debit and credit repeatedly in the recording process to describe where entries are made in accounts. For example, the act of entering an amount on the left side of an account is called debiting the account. Making an entry on the right side is crediting the account

Adjustment entries ,


Adjustments on Accrual basis and closing in Accounting period


At the end of the year after preparing trial balance a list of unrecorded items is prepared which is called list of adjustment for which adjustment entries are passed. Now closing entries will be passed. The purpose of closing entries is to close all those accounts which comes in trading and profit & Loss and these accounts are mainly related to expenses , incomes and goods.


Common Adjustment entries ,

Outstanding expenses

Received in advamce

Prepaid expense

Unearned income

Accrued income

Accrued expense

The subject of accounting is based on one guiding principle; everything else consists of details, some of which are technical, and some of which are procedural. The guiding principle is simple:

All data concerning a company’s activity is assigned to one of the following five categories: 1.Expenditures , 2. Income , 3.Assets, 4.Liabilities, 5.Capital . The first two categories (1 and 2) are the backbone of a report called a profit and loss statement. The next two categories (3 and 4) are the backbone of a report called the balance sheet.

The fifth category (5) is the backbone of a report called the cash flow statement. When details are given below, it will be seen that each of these categories is a collection of smaller categories



Cash Flow

Cash flow is recorded on a company's cash flow statement. This statement—one of the main statements for a company—shows the inflow and outflow of actual cash (or cash-like assets) from its operational activities. It is a required report under generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Fund Flow

On the accounting side, the fund flow statement was required by GAAP between 1971 and 1987.3 When it was required, the statement of fund flow was primarily used by accountants to report any change in a company's net working capital, or the difference between assets and liabilities, during a set period of time. Much of this information is now captured in the statement of cash flow.






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