Demand for Company Secretary Freshers

Harsh Bhatt (abc) (43 Points)

05 July 2013  

Dear friends,  


I am 27 years old CS student living in Mumbai.   I have completed 2/4 Groups of CS Professional and attempted rest 2 Groups of CS Professional in June 2013. I am sure that I would pass.   


I have already completed 15 months of Management Training.   I just want to know whether the demand for Company Secretary freshers is low ? I am asking this because I have sent my CV's to more than 100 Whole-time Company Secretaries in Mumbai, but I have still not got a call for an interview.   


Does this mean that the demand for CS freshers is low or the Company Secretaries want qualified Company Secretaries ? Is my age a factor ?  


Please answer

Harsh Bhatt