Defaults have been identified in regular statement filled for form 26QC

Manoj Kumar (CA) (1 Points)

17 April 2024  

Hi All,

 I have filled a TDS statement  using form 26QC for TDS payment on Rent on 11 APR 2024. Now after processing it on traces I have received SMS saying defaults have found and please check your mail for more details. I have got no mail for the same.

I have downloaded justification report from traces and checked default summary from that. Demand for additional interest and penalty is correct and now I want to pay it.

Now when I am going to pay that amount from ITR portal (e-Paytax -> Demand Payment for TDS on Rent of Property) option then after entering PAN and acknowledgement number it is asking for entering "Intimation number".
As explained above I have received no intimation mail so I am unable to find intimation number. Please help how to complete this demand payment without intimation number.