Dedicated to CCI !! My homecoming!

Resham (Carpe Diem !!!) (6535 Points)

06 January 2012  

Finally the New Year has set in... and I am posting something after a long long time... Everyone has new year resolutions... So have I taken a handful of them... one of them being resuming myself on this platform... I know it's difficult to take out time out of Articleship and all, but i have decided to take a mid way out... atleast i can post mini posts which will be easier for others to read... and for me to post!!wink After all I miss my Home Sweet Home soo much... 



I can't help it but express that, unaware of the reasons why... this really feels like a home coming to me.. and at this wonderful cheerful time of the year, I would like to share a little poem which just added a lot to my life...

And also not to forget I just wish to thank the handful members on this platform who have urged back my presence, help me live a better life, made me prioritize my health and last but never the least.... revived my love for Nature... Thank you all... Thanks CCI for entering my life...





If you just look at all

That already exists in your


All that you already have…

Unlimited air to breathe, ample lighting to see,

Music to hear,

Books to read,

Stars to dream by,

Trees to gaze at,

Floors to dance on,

Friends to cavort with,

 enemies to befriend,

strangers to meet,

woods to walk through,

beaches to comb,

rocks to scale,

rains to cleanse you,

rivers to float you,

animals to comfort you,

you do have to admit,

there’s more of it than

you could ever, ever, ever


But try anyway.