Dedicated to all CA Final students!!!

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19 January 2014  

My hearty Congratulations to all CA students who have cleared their Final exams !!! smileysmiley

And the rest who could not clear the exams, Do not Lose Hope and Faith In Yourself !!!

My dear friends,

DONOT worry about what has happened. Don’t dwell about the past.

Forget the past and MOVE AHEAD!!!

 We cannot control each and everything that happen in our lives.Whatever happens it happens for a Reason.

Be BRAVE enough to face the challenges of life.

The Law of Success:  Be Positive.

When one door shuts the other opens!!!

                                        -Spanish Proverb

Don’t waste your precious time on thinking about your failure.

FOCUS on your Bright future!!!

IMPOSSIBLE is a word found in dictionary of Fools!!!

ALWAYS BEAR IN MIND that Your Own Resolution to Succeed is more important than any other.

  • The difference between Success and Failure is the energy and talent that you give to a task.
  • Never change your attitude towards your Career!!!
  • An obstacle is something you see when you take your eyes off the goal!!
  • There are imperfections in every person’s life. Do the BEST you can with what you have been given!!
  • PAIN a good teacher. Learn to enjoy the pain!!
  • Success is yours the minute you decide that you want it

A few tips for you to get back on track

 1. Have FAITH in yourself !!!

  2. SELF TRUST is the first secret to success.

  3.Have a BURNING DESIRE to reach your Goal!!

  4.  When there is WILL, there is a way. 

  5. Set Goals with PASSION and DESIRE to achieve them!!!          

  6.  If one advances confidently in the direction of one’s dreams, one will meet with a SUCCESS unexpected in common hours!!

  7.   Start NOW. The best time to do anything is now.

  8.     AIM for the moon, you will fall among the stars!!!

  9.    When the going gets TOUGH, the tough gets going!!!

 10.   NEVER Give Up in life!!!  Keep Trying!!!


Have PRIDE in how far you have come, have FAITH in how far you can go!!!

Its never too late to be what you might have been!!!

                                                                  -George Eliot.

So, I hope my Friends take this ”Challenge" of Passing CA exams as An Opportunity rather than a Difficulty to overcome.

Be Positive and Do your best!!!

 Hope you found my article useful and interesting!!!

Thanks for spending your valuable time in reading this.

My best wishes to all of you!!! May GOD bless us all!!! smileysmileysmiley