Cs executive help june 2015 urgent

Ramprasad Iyengar (Student CS) (63 Points)

09 January 2015  

Dear Sir/ Madam,

My Name is Ramprasad Iyengar from Mumbai and I am planning to give my executive exams in June 2015 with respect to that I have some queries.

1)  I had registered for executive in November 2012  and  due to some personal issues I couldn’t give my executive exams in 2013 and 2014 so can I give my 2015 june exams with the same executive program registration itself ??


2)  I have already got a SIP exemption based on my masters degree qualification which is MCA (Masters in Computer Application) so can I get an exemption from the sify test or do I need to give the sify test ??


3) Since I Registered in 2012 for the Executive program , which syllabus should I follow for the June 2015 Executive program Exam

The new syllabus or the old syllabus


4) Any other certifications which would be required by me to undergo for giving my executive  exams in june 2015 ??

5) Any study material the experts would like to refer so that I can follow for better understanding the topics covered in executive exam of June 2015.


I sincerely hope the experts in this forum could help me out with the above queries so that I can pursue my executive program.

Thanks to all the knowledgeable professionals in advance.

Ramprasad Iyengar
iyengar.vivek @ yahoo.com