Conversion of firm into LLP

Prasad Royality (1 Points)

28 March 2024  

 We have encountered an issue while attempting to fulfill the requirements for our Fillip form submission, which was initiated on 17/02/2024.

Upon filing the form, we received the following remark: Provide detailed Audited Financial statements (B/S with P & L) not older than 30 days along with notes & schedules. It should be at least signed by two partners.

In response to this remark, we promptly arranged for our books of accounts to be audited up to 31.01.2024. However, while trying to fill in the partner's contributions as per the audited report, we encountered a pop-up error stating  Make sure that total monetary contributions are the same as entered in the Original Form.

To rectify this issue and proceed with the submission, we kindly request guidance on addressing the disparity between the partner's contributions as per the audited report and those entered in the original form.

Your assistance in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.