Conversion from old scheme to New one

Anuraag sharma (CA( Final), MBA) (97 Points)

01 February 2011  

Dear Friends, I have an issue regarding Notification issued for the conversion scheme available for old course students.

Our esteem institute has earlier issued a notification towards conversion from old scheme to new one, for which students shall have to submit a coversion form alongwith a DD of Rs. 1100/- to institute and they will get enrolled into new scheme and  get entire study module of  new course as well.

But suddenly a new notification came in force since yesterday which overrides the previous one and as per which students shall have to purchase the new module by paying Rs. 3990/-?


Surprisingly Our Officials have no proper information  whether said form and DD is required to submit or not for the conversion. One of the funny reply i had received from them was " just deposit both the things and purchase module too by paying Rs. 3990/- "!!  When i raise a question why do we bear the additional cost for the module (3990-1100=2890.00) while the others who have got the same at subsidized rate, the answer was " Institute will recover that difference amount from those student".. Hw? i asked.. Dont know- they replied.


Guyz i was really got stunned at that time that we (icai) who talks about professionalism but at the time of application showing completely unprofessional attitude.

Plz reply with any available update to remove our confusion.