Consignment problem

RishebhKumar (Studying) (128 Points)

04 June 2012  

Q. Rabin consigned goods for the value of Rs.8250 to Raj of Kanpur paid freight etc. of Rs.650 and insurance Rs.400.Drew a bill on Raj at 3 months after date for Rs.3000 as an advance against consignment and discounted the bill for Rs.2960. Received account sales from Raj showing that part of the goods had realized gross Rs.8350 and that his expenses and commission amounted to Rs.870. The stock unsold was valued at Rs.2750. Consignee wants to remit a draft for the amount due. The draft will be….?

Q.X of Kolkata sends out goods costing Rs.100000 to Y of delhi. 3/5th of the goods were sold by consignee  for Rs.70000. Commission 2% on sales plus 20% of gross sales less all commission exceeds cost price. The amount of Commission will be…?


I want to understand the solution so plz explain each and every working note and the answer you arrive.

Thanks in Advance..