Compliance portal related issue - can CA do something different?

Ritesh Bhat (Marketing) (95 Points)

25 July 2022  


For previous year I received notification to submit response for high value transactions in AIS. I logged in to my compliance portal AIS and submitted the response for all 100% of the rows mandatory + optional. Still the overall status of my submission is Partially Submitted. I logged a ticket with them in April-22. Now despite 3 months the ticket is still open. They still have not figured out the issue.

I have directly been contacted by AIS personnel over phone on this matter and I now have his direct mobile contact number. I have called him back a few times and directly interacted with him. I have submitted all latest JSON files and everything to him. Yet they are unable to solve this still. However they are honest to keep the status open and not cut corners.

My questions is at this stage will going to CA help? Do CA’s have anything additional powers that they can do here apart from what I am doing and if so in what way?