Company under liquidation

I am holding shares of two companies which are currently not trading on any exchange. For one of them I got the news that the company has liquidated and you should contact to the official liquidator appointed. But am unable to contact. And for the second company I am not able to figure the current operating condition. But there is no news of the same. How could I recover my money?

Could any one please help.


 Thanks in advance.


You can visit the registered offices of the Company and directly talk to the Directors in this regard. If you want to recover the Money, only email or phone calls are not sufficient. If visiting the Registered office not work than please visit the concerned Registrar of Companies office. These days government departments are very co-operative and will let you know the process.

Practical solution !



unfortunately if a company gone liquidation process, members near their liability to the extent of paid-up share capital held by them, hence cannot ..


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