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kavitha (studying final) (830 Points)

04 January 2013  

Hello my dear friends,

as a fellow of CA community I have a right to express my views on some matters which is very worrying me a lot.

I am coming to the point directly. CAclubinida is providing us a platform to share knowledge, which is specially designed for CAs and also for those who are pursuing CA.

My concern:

Lot of our friends who completed CA, are having a hard time in getting jobs or to start a practice. we are in a period of recession so its tough now even for CA to get job in market. Lots of non- professionals are posting their queries in our forum and in search of points we are simply answering their question without thinking the consequences. Our senior friends have taken CA Profession to A New Level and its our turn to take full responsibility. Lets make our profession a Glorious One.

My Suggestion to the above said problem.

  1. If we only answer those questions, which are asked by our community ( CA).
  2. In order to know whether he is a genuine ca communtiy member, we just need to audit the question he is asking.If you are not satisfied then just put a mark on such question which may help our friends to stay away from that question.
  3. If u come to know about any openings please post jobs in the forum


Though it seems small, but I don’t want to see my fellow friends to surrender to the clutches of depression, Low on self-confidence. Please Share your views also. We just can’t leave this matter. We need to do something even though it is small favor.


Don’t Stop, Act Now (Thanks In advance, for using Your caption @ VaibhavJ).  Please don’t mind my presentation. I believe presentation is not important but the content is what you need to look at and take it seriously if it is helpful to others.