Cma cc certificate

SkDash (CS (Member) CWA (Final))   (909 Points)

08 October 2013  



I have below queries on CC (Coaching Completion Certificate) requirement for CWA exam. 


1.      Is it mandatory to get CC before appearing for the exam? What will happen if I submitted my answer sheet well in time but did not get CC before enrolling for the exam? Will the ICMAI institute will reject my application form for the lack of CC Certificate? I heard from some of my friend that Institute is not so serious on CC requirement and will never reject the exam application form for lack of CC. Is it so?


2.      I have just downloaded Test Papers for postal coaching students syllabus 2012 and applicable for Dec 2013 and June 2014 exam. It has 4 sets i.e. T-1 to T-4. Do one needs to write all these 4 test papers?


3.      I am a CS member and will be eligible for exemption in some papers. I am thinking to avail all such exemptions while enrolling for exam.. Do I still need to write Test papers for those exempted papers? If not, How institute will CC to me (I feel CC is for the Group and not on Paper to Paper)


4.      What is the cut-off date for submitting answer sheets? Can I courier the same to Kolkata head Office?


I will appreciate if anybody will guide me correctly.



Santosh Dash