Clarity on TDS on Sale of Property (Multiple buyers)

Shrikar Kamath (1 Points)

18 April 2024  

Hello, I bought a property with my mother and spouse as joint owners. I deducted the TDS amount from the down payment and in the process of filing the relevant form on ITD website. I read various threads about what the % distribution would look like and I am clear on that but the form itself is a bit complicated to fill. Let's say the purchase price of the property is 90L . I deducted a TDS amount of 90,000 from the down payment. For me (as the first individual out of three) filing the form, what should I key in as values for the below questions:

1) Total Value of Consideration (Property Value)

2) Amount paid/credited currently

3) Total stamp duty value of the property

4) Amount on which TDS to be deducted (this field gets auto populated from 2)

5) TDS Amount