CHANGE OF All Directors nd All Shareholders ??? (Mentor at SHAYVIDZ Academy)   (3756 Points)

23 March 2010  
Dear All,
Please share your expert views on following case
Co. A  is Unlisted Public Company and having 7 Directors, 45 Shareholders
Now the thing is that
1) All 45 Shareholders are transferring their shares to New Shareholders.
2) All 7 Directors are going to replace by New Directors
Consiquent of this there shall be complete change in the Directorship of the company and Shareholding Pattern.
Now pls share your view on the aspect
1) Beside complying share transfer procedure(Share Transfer Deed and all) and filing eform 32 + board Resolution for apptment of new directors and resignation of old directors
is there any point, which you think should also be complied?