CENVAt credit query

Varun (aaaaaaaaaaaaaa) (104 Points)

30 September 2009  
It would be great if you anyone can help me out with a CENVAT credit query.
An importer who is also a manufacturer, imports and manufactures excisable goods. He is registered with central excise as a manufacturer (ie his registration no. contains XM). He manufactures excisable goods, pay excise, remove the goods, under an invoice and sell them. The buyer can avail cenvat credit of excise duty based upon his invoice [containing his registration no (say ABCDE1234HXM001].
He also imports goods, pays CVD on them, issues invoice from warehouse (where he keeps those goods) and sells them.
My question is :- Can the buyer take credit of CVD based upon his invoice?
It may be noted that he has not taken a seperate registration as an importer. He is using his manufacturer's registration no. (ie XM).
In short: Is being registered as a manufacturer is enough to cover both manufacture and import, or do he need to take a seperate registration as an importer ( which will be a dealer registration containing XD in the registration no) ?
It would be a great help to me if anybody can resolve my query.