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CAs vs engineers

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Resham (Carpe Diem !!!) (6535 Points)
Replied 13 September 2011

Originally posted by : Vijay


Originally posted by : Resham

hehehe... Again a nice one... I'll share one too...


Once while on audit the auditors were required to measure the height of a long pole standing in the middle in company's garden... They tried and tried... once by putting a ladder beside the pole and they cudn't help it but fall again and again...


Just then... An engineer happened to pass from there and she... saw these failed endeavors of these auditors... She came, Swiftly brought down the pole, laid it on the ground, measured it, gave the measurement, and gave it to the auditors, before walking away with a smirk on her face...


After she was out of sight... The auditors turned around... and said... HaH... We are asking for the height... and pity her...She gives us the lenght...

 Ca's ki hi laga di. Ye to cheating hai.


hehe... khud pe hasne mein bhi ek mazaa hain :)

Sunshine (Helping All) (10575 Points)
Replied 13 September 2011

Thank u all for reading......

SANYAM ARORA (“It's hard to beat a person who never gives up.”)   (20168 Points)
Replied 13 September 2011

VERY NICE SNEHA ....................!!!!!!

MAzza he aagaya ..........!!!!!!1

Aarti Rawal (CA- Final) (40 Points)
Replied 15 September 2011

Haha..very nice..:)

CS LLB Pulkit Gupta (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Life-and-Promises/553962034682487)   (16631 Points)
Replied 15 September 2011


Thx alot Resham for supporting my ex-profession

Onisha Maheshwari (student) (48 Points)
Replied 16 September 2011

hey dats well written..fab!

CA Pallav Singhania (IT System Auditor) (33052 Points)
Replied 16 September 2011

A job interview is in progress, a bright and experienced accountant is interviewing for a position of a CFO. He is being interviewed by the members of board of directors and a CEO. During the interview the CEO suddenly asks: "Tell me, what is seven multiplied by three?" The accountant thinks fast and tells "22." Once the interview is over the accountant goes out, takes out the calculator and finds the answer - 21, disappointed, he goes home. Next morning he gets a call from the CEO, "Hey, you got a job." The accountant is pleasantly surprised. He cannot but ask, "Thank you very much for the job but what about seven multiplied by three?" The CEO tells him - "of all the candidates we interviewed, you came the closest

Pratik Kasalkar (1 Points)
Replied 28 December 2015

Train me conductor Hota hai? 😅😅😅 The joke was actually on engineers and doctors! 😅

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