Caring 4 ur Eyes.

Ritesh Indian Son[CMA*CS*CA] (" Simple Living High Thinking ")   (4117 Points)

31 March 2011  

Caring for Your Eyes So You Can Study Longer Without Your Eyes Becoming Tired or Red or Without Increasing the Power of Your Glasses

Here are some simple but enormously beneficial hints to help relax your eyes when studying or concentrating.


Sunlight is the best for your eyes. When there is not enough sun-light, use comfortably bright light from electricity.



When we concentrate, we tend to hold our breath or we stop breathing for a short period. This creates tensions in our eyes and our bodies. When you study or concentrate, make sure that your breathing is relaxed, deep, and rhythmic.


We naturally close and open our eyes and it is called "blinking". We tend to stop blinking when we concentrate. So make sure that you blink when you concentrate. Also occasionally, look away and blink a few times to relax your eyes.



This technique is to relax your eyes. Use your palms to cover your eyes without touching the eye lids. Make your palms round like when holding water so that you do not touch the eye lids. Your palms will touch your forehead and cheeks so that you will feel complete dark.