Can Long Term Capital gain from Equity MF be offset against Long Term Capital losses from Equities?

Kapil (MBA) (25 Points)

01 December 2023  

Hello Folks ,

I want to realise Long term capital loss by selling YES BANK share which I purchased using my NRO trading account with Broker A.

I have some EQUITY  Mutual fund positions(Bought directly from Fund houses) using fund from my NRE account and these positions are in Profit. 

I’m planning to sell these profitable MF positions to realise Long term capital gains and offset this gain against the Long term capital loss from YES BANK shares.

I’m planning to do this in this financial year itself, so no carry forward of losses.

This is just plan and before doing this, I want to check and confirm if I can do this or not, I’m other words, is my understanding correct to execute my plan?Are there are any catches or anything which I must keep in mind? 

Any pointers will be helpful .