Can i start again ???????

Sumit Deshmukh (Future Company Secretory)   (158 Points)

05 August 2017  

Hello All,

After long time back here On CA Club India..... Becasue I have some query about my career my Life... what ever you say smiley

I take admission In CS and started giving Exam In Executive Programme In 2011. So I tried 10 attemps to pass from 2011 to 2015 but not succed. after that i stopped becasue of family respocibilty and started working in IT Company. But Some where else i thinking Can i start again ? I have tha abilty to pass ? so many questions comeing in my mind.

Now i am 29 year age Looking forward to back In CS to complted and Become a Company Secretory. 

My question is How can i start what is the procedure. Is right time to start Or any course changing so many question coming in my mind.

Please Experts, teachers,friends help me to solve all this problems.yes

Waiting and Exicted to read your answers.

Thank you