CA student life as a spider

shubham (CA FINAL NOW ) (138 Points)

25 June 2011  

                            CA STUDENT LIFE AS A SPIDER 

Being big and poerfull is not so important  , here i like to give an example of  a small spider which can be so inspirational and  give hope to many , ca life seems me life an spider life - 

  1. Going slowly is very important in ca life as well as in a spider life.  ( jaldi bhagne se kuch nahi milta slowly determination ke sath chalna padta hai )

2. Ca students needs lot of patience like an spider . spider needs lot paitence to complete its net and ca students to complete  course successfully .:)

3. Work of a ca student is same as a spider . A spider work is making its net  and then stay in that , in ca also a student need to make a net of knowledge in four steps (i.e. cpt , pcc\ipcc , articleship and final )

4. A spider fails many time to cpmplete its net but it still dont lose haope and continue to make it ,  as the same a ca student should not lose hope an continue go on with much determination like the Spider .:)

   devoted to ca  student life . Its my first  try so please give ur valueable feeback so i can improve .