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07 January 2010  


The Journey to the CA course is start from the following stages
The institute had changed  from CA foundation to CPT to bring the more efficient student to the course.After completing the tenth standard we are normaly decide what we should  need to become.Some opts for Medicine ,some others engineering others will opt for our esteed course.
The medicine , Law and other studies have a  colleage for imparting the technical as well as academic knowledge.Full fledge class room coaching.
But there is no colleages for a CA like course.from the begining of IPCC or PCC to qualification of the course, we have to study.
For medicine, law etc, the pattern may be predictable to a greater extent......
For CA course  mostly technical and surprise questions were set for testing the inner knowlege of the student.
Medicine like course, there is no  aggregate mark. if you have  pass an individual papers, then no need to write the same, just write the paper you have failed
For CA course, there is individual pass mark as well as group wise mark were set for making the course more powerful and efficient. If you have passed all the papers in the  group but not achieved the aggregate, have to write all the papers untill securing the  aggregate marks.If you secured 60% or more then write the other papers.
Medicine course, law course, after passing the course only need to practise under a lawyer or doctors.
here before passing the course need to do the article ship for 3.5 years that too for less stipend and more work basis.This may consume a lot of our productive study time for the work. What is the aim of articleship is too impart the working knowledge to the student categories.
All these are the quality of  A CA course. So for successing the course , we must have  to bear in mind the above peculiarity of the course.
Survival of the fittest is the natural law and the same is applicable in our CA course also.If you see, how many registered for CPT are clearing and appearing for the Ipcc or PCC course
How many students from IPCC or PCC are clearing and moving towards the final course and how many studnets of final becoming a full fledged chartered Accountant.If you see the CPT to qualified ratio it is you can find very less number.
Many students are losing from various stages.This we can refer to the elimination round of any dance concert.
Failure is the steping stone for success.Some may not realise that they are very near to the success but leaving the course.
If you take some good basic steps , then , you cannot be a failure in this nobel coure.
You need not to be a super genious to become a Ca, even an average candidate with hard working  can also be a CA.
You can be a successful person by  adopting the following in the study carrer.
It shall be Burning desire.
It means the desire to become a Chartered Account shall be  in your mind Just like a burning fire.
Burning fire can generate the energy. Without that you  will be a sailing ship according to the wind.
If you see some have such desire for the time of registration, then , shut down the book and not touch the book even with their left hand!
Let you tell you a story of Birbal.The great emperor akbar was instructed the birbal for cooking Kichadi.What he did that he was taken a big bamboo and tied  the pot on the top and the hold fixed the bamboo on a vertical position.He made a cooking arrangement in the bottom
Even after the long time the kichadi was not ready due to the distance of pot and the source of fire.The kichadi would have ready if the source of the fire and the kichadi pot were too close.
What is the moral of the story as a CA student? can you guss? If your aim is not burning then  your course will not complete and keep on writing
most of the students were failing due to lack of burning desire.
Make sure that your desire  to CA is burn just like Fire.
You can win  attitude is needed
let me tell you one story in this connection
Once a discipline of socratise was asked a doubt regarding the attitude.What he was did that, called the discipline ,he went near to socratise, he dipped the discipline inside the water for few second. in the mean time the discipline was struggled for his live and the socratise was released him and told you was struggled for surviving your lives in the same manner shall be your attitude.
What is the moral of the story here for you?can you guess?
You shall struggle the CA course just like struggling to survive your lives in the above example...
Plan:-SMART plan
R=Realisable for a given period of time
T=Time bound
just like taking the right decision at the right time
It shall be in line with your strength and weakness
How to study?
What subject need to  be studied?
When to study?
All these will cover your planing stages.
Whether you will go for both group or individual group etc fall under the planing stages.
Organising the resource
These are the armoury of you.
Keep the ICAI material as reference material and buy good book available in the market.
How to study
Step no 1 Read the matter
Step no 2 Understand the matter
Step 3 Note it in Note book
Step 4 Memorise the same
step 5 Revise the same
This is the most effective steps , but involve more time.
Kill the Habit of Procastinating...This is an evil and lead you the pit of failure ....
There was one interesting story of rabbit and tortoise.
one day Rabbit and the tortoise was entered in to a competition for race.Rabbit is too quick and the tortoise is too slow. The competition was started and the rabbit started quick running after some time he was looked back and find that tortoise is too far.Then he was an after thought to take rest for some time .But unfortunatly the rabbit gone to the deep sleep .During that time tortoise was reached to the finishing point.Tortoise have limitation but achieved it through continous hard work.....
What is the moral  for You?
Some will start their study were good in the initial stages and after some time thy think that there is much time for exam and it is enough to cover them during the last few days of exam.At last what happend that they will fail the exam and understand their mistake.
Identify whether you are rabbit your tortoise
But the time is not wait for you , we have to achieve anything within the given time limit.
What you want to do , do it now , why tommorow?
Who was rabbit and tortoise will be come to light by this coming final and PCc results.
is the fuel which running  a person.
Why do you selected this nobel course?
You shall be self motivated and foster the energy on others also....
Your journey is started now and last but not least iam winding up the  discussion with a story.
There was a giant called goliaz. He was very strong and cruel too.he  cannot kill by any one as his leaves were confered on a parrot.Goliaz was so cruel and rediculous and  killed many village people.One day the david called the goliaz for fight and he also know the weakness of goliaz. He killed the parrot . What happend , that was the end of goliaz.
What is the moral for you?
Goliaz was soo strong and power ful and the david was less powerful.
What leads the success....positive mentality....He was thought that It is a very strong enemy to miss....he was not thought otherwise ...David cannot success if he think that he cannot defeat the goliaz as he was a powerful person....cannot kill
If you take the content of the story....CA course may be goliaz stage for you during the begining stage. But you plan well and work hard....With David frame of mind....You can win the CA course
No one can stop you for achieving your success....
Wish you all the best
CA Vivek M ACA