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JIGYASOO RATHORE (n) (420 Points)

21 July 2011  


CA Practice - The Real CA Profession

CA Practice – The Real CA Profession

Chartered Accountant is a royal field. It has the power to change the whole finance structure of the country. Its mission will be valued trustees of world class financial competencies, good governance and competitiveness. Each chartered accountant is equipped with top quality knowledge and values. We are recognized as world class advisors. Our CA practitioners have played a major role in getting such achievements. Their mission is only to deliver the outstanding client service by utilizing their quality knowledge and updated field experience.


Today’s new CAs do not want to adopt our real profession i.e. CA Practice. They are running before the industries for getting the jobs because they want to live their life without any risk. They do not have the patience to devote some time to their real profession. They just want the quick money so that they can live settled life. They are happy if they get 5 lacs package initially and ready to work 12 to 15 hours. They do not have the time to think about themselves. They do lot of hard work for a fixed return and just waiting for 1stday of every month. They dreamed only of rating and the bonus.


There are some other reasons that why our new CAs do not want to adopt our real profession. New CAs also has the dream to go for practice but situations are not in their favour. Some of them do not get support from the family, so they afraid to go in practice due to financial problem and family responsibility. And some do so much struggle and spend so much time in becoming CA that they do not have any other alternative to go for job because they have to fulfill their family expectations and settled their own family.


But I want to ask from everyone “Is all stuff not possible in our own practice?” If we have the patience for 2 to 3 years and if we do same hard work for our own then we can also get all such stuff in our own practice. By this way we can become the owner of our own time and whatever we get from the client is wholly belongs to us. Financially we can get that much money in just one deal that never be possible in job by working hard for whole year. It also supports in socializing ourselves and we can support to our profession to reach on high platform. If we can achieve all this then sky is the limit.


We need to be believe on ourselves and just need to say “Go for It”


Someone told me “If anyone can do then you can also do, and if no one can do then you must do”